ELAN - European Landart Network
24,5 x 29
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120 colour illustrations
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Lingua:English edition
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The landscape is a cultural concept particularly in Europe, in which nature without any human intervention does not exist. Inviting artists to work in situ in the landscape helps to reveal its historical, social, topographical and biological wealth and diversity and so in 2012 the European Landart Network (ELAN) was initiated by four leading landscape art institutions from Germany, Italy, Poland and the UK.
In 2014 two institutions from France and Sweden enriched the partnership. It is an aim of the close cooperation of the six partners to enhance the transnational distribution of landscape art and cross-border mobility of artists; to communicate the diversity of European culture visible in the different approaches to Land Art and landscape at the partner organisations; to gradually open the network for Land Art institutions in other countries within the European Union; and thereby to foster European integration and cultural identity without hampering regional characteristics of landscape and Land Art.